18 Rooms and Design of Play

Good news, and a Room 15 release date!

18 Rooms to Home: Room 15 is almost ready for release. It’s in sneak preview for the next week with my Patreon supporters, who will warn me about any last bugs (I hope!) before the full release on Thursday, August 27.

(Unfamiliar with 18 Rooms to Home? It’s a serial parser IF game in reverse chronology, going from Room 18 to Room 1. Learn more here.)

More good news, and a podcast!

8461601Chris Canfield interviewed me for the Design of Play podcast (Episode 4: “Kimmy – Literature Hero”).

This 20-minute episode includes a short history of interactive fiction (ADVENT! A Mind Forever Voyaging! Leather Goddesses of Phobos!) before ranging into topics like why anyone wants to make interactive fiction, the importance of diversity in games, and the challenges of designing games for the limitations of a phone screen.

It also includes Chris discussing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, because Design of Play is like that. But don’t hold that against it – it’s really good (the podcast, and actually the game too) and I very much hope you’ll check it out (the podcast).

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