18 Rooms to Home

18 Rooms to Home is an experimental work of interactive fiction. It’s a day in the life of Yesenia Reed, whose life is far from ordinary, no matter what she might prefer.

This story takes place over the course of 18 updates, which are presented in reverse chronological order. With every update, the story moves further back in time – so the first update includes room 18, the second includes room 17 and 18, the third will include 16, 17, and 18, and so on.

Releases to date

Room 18 (start here!)
Room 17
Room 16
Room 15

Bug hunter thanks

If you find any bugs, please let me know. I’ll get a fix out as soon as possible!

My sincere thanks goes to these players and beta testers for their helpful bug reports.

Dani Church
Doug Orleans
Caelyn Sandel
Daniel M. Stelzer
Ken VanEseltine
matt w


If you’re enjoying 18 Rooms to Home, please consider supporting this project – and all the other writing and games released through Sibyl Moon – via Patreon! It would be deeply appreciated.


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