Hi! My name is Carolyn VanEseltine.

I’m a professional game developer, interactive fiction author, and cofounder/director of the nonprofit Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation. Sibyl Moon Games houses my design and technique blog and my solo work.

I believe in games as a medium. I believe that games possess not only the power to entertain, but to inspire, educate, and change lives. I think everyone should have access to make games in the same way that I think everyone should have the access to make poetry or music.

Since my industry start in 2002, I’ve held positions atĀ Harmonix, Simutronics, and Giant Spacekat, among other studios. I’m a multifaceted developer currently focusing on programming (C#/.NET/Unity), but I’ve also done narrative design, gameplay scripting, production, community development, playtest coordination, QA, web support, and digital submissions. I write award-winning interactive fiction (showcased at this site!) and I participate enthusiastically in game jams such as the Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare.

I share my passion for game development. I’ve discussed game dev and game design at Arisia, BFIG, GaymerX, and Boston Women in Games, and I’ve been a guest on Fresh Out Of Tokens, Polygamer, and Design of Play, among other podcasts. I gave the talkĀ  “Everyone Can Make Games Now” at Google.

I care about a lot of stuff. I care about diversity and minority representation, both in the ways that affect me directly and in the ways that do not. I care about accessibility. I care about clear, honest communication. I care about kindness and empathy. I encourage other people to care openly about these things.

I wear my heart unashamedly on my sleeve. It does not break easily.

Studio Credits

Revolution 60 (Giant Spacekat, July 2014)
Dance Central 3 (Harmonix Music Systems, October 2012)
Rock Band Blitz (Harmonix Music Systems, August 2012)
Dance Central (Harmonix Music Systems, November 2010)
Rock Band 3 (Harmonix Music Systems, October 2010)
Green Day: Rock Band (Harmonix Music Systems, June 2010)
LEGO Rock Band (Harmonix Music Systems, November 2009)
The Beatles: Rock Band (Harmonix Music Systems, September 2009)
GemStone IV (Simutronics Games, August 2002 – October 2006)


The Chessboard Lethologica (with Frank Wu, iBooks, July 2014)

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