ADVENT Calendar, Day 3

Caelyn Sandel is building an ADVENT calendar this year. It’s 25 days of small, interactive releases (hence ADVENT, for ADVENTure) with a vaguely retrospective theme.

ADVENT calendar

She asked me to collaborate with her on today’s release (day 3). It’s a game idea generator. All the seeds in it are from games that Caelyn and I have worked on, either together or separately (disclaimer, not all games have been released.)

Since we are both very serious people, it produces super-serious game ideas, such as:

“What do you do when you’re being destroyed by psychic echoes from the past? If you’re somebody really great, wander into deep space with nothing more than a dandelion puff.”


“You are an astronaut, stuck in your apartment. You must unmask Death before the stroke of midnight, but unfortunately, you don’t have enough ingredients.”


“Stop the presses! You, a police officer, must make a new life for yourself in Penny Lane, even though there is no coffee! News at 11.”

Find some more great game ideas here!

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  1. Great ideas! But did they have to be so hard to read?

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