Upcoming appearance: Arisia 2015

Enjoying Sibyl Moon? Want to chat about IF, game design, and game dev in person? Planning to be in Boston area across January 16-19?

Come hang out at Arisia 2015!

Arisia is the largest science fiction and fantasy convention in New England. This year, I’m scheduled to be on four panels:

  • Game Design From First Principles
  • DIY Digital: Homemade Video Games
  • Video Games as Art
  • Cooperative Games

The schedule is only preliminary right now, but I’m scheduled alongside some fantastic people including Bob Chipman (“Moviebob” on The Escapist), Heather Albano (Choice of Games), and Caelyn Sandel (Cis Gaze, #ruinjam). Really excited – it should be a great time.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

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