At Google this Wednesday

I’m going to be speaking at Google on Wednesday!

My talk is “Everyone Can Make Games Now”. It’s about the artistic revolution in video games due to the rise of game engines that are accessible to non-programmers. It includes a look at the technologies involved, the new developers using them, and the increasingly diverse future of video games.

This is the youngest art form we have. It’s not surprising that the body of work has been limited by the technology involved. But every day, more people realize that¬†they can make video games too, and then they¬†make more video games, and the entire body of work becomes deeper and more diverse and more fully realized.

This is happening right now. And that’s really exciting.

Google invited me to come to their office in Cambridge and tell them about it, and I’m excited about that, too (though on a personal level, rather than a global and cultural level.)

This is part of the Talks at Google series, so it will be available online afterward, and I’ll provide a link once it’s up.

(Relatedly, no regular article today.)

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  1. it will be available online afterward

    Can’t wait to hear how my accounts of “programming is too hard!” go over with the Google set! (Well, it is, but the alternative, having your idea go un-realized, is harder.)

    • Programming IS hard, though! (And I say that as a programmer.)

      Programming is the fine art of teaching yourself to think like a computer operates. But that’s not how most human minds normally work.

      Many Google technologies are about building human-friendly interfaces for computer operations. I think they’ll understand the need for (and advantages of) game engines designed for non-programmers.

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