Google Analytics: Who cares about GamerGate?

On Friday night, I posted about GamerGate, and my traffic spiked through the roof. Most of the traffic came from over 7,500 people who wanted to read that post. Thanks to Google Analytics, this gave me a reasonable geographic estimate of who

a) has some level of interest in GamerGate, and
b) saw a link to the post (most likely on Twitter).

To be clear, I have no way of knowing whether these visitors agreed or disagreed with my position, though I do know most retweets were from people who agreed. (Turning on comments might have given me some idea, but… it seemed like a bad plan.)

Not gonna clickbait you: there are no big surprises here. People mostly care about GamerGate in the US. Visitors came most often from NYC, followed by Seattle, San Francisco, and other big cities with game dev presence. The average mobile user showed up via Safari on iOS, and the average desktop user showed up via Chrome on Windows.

But I like web analytics, and maybe someone else will find this interesting, too.

On to the maps and graphs!

Almost 70% of visitors came from the United States, trailed by Canada (9%) and the United Kingdom (7.6%)

GamerGate overview map


GamerGate country breakdown - United States 5510; Canada 712; United Kingdom 605; Australia 267; Germany 120; Sweden 57; New Zealand 55; Netherlands 52; France 51; Finland 43; Spain 37; Ireland 34; Denmark 31; Norway 31; Japan 20; India 18; Italy 18; Austria 17; Mexico 17; (not set) 16

United States: visitors broken down by city

GamerGate US cities

GamerGate US city breakdown - New York 253; Seattle 184; San Francisco 132; Boston 120; Los Angeles 111; Chicago 108; Portland 91; Austin 83; Washington 75; Cambridge 61

Canada: visitors broken down by city

GamerGate Canada cities

GamerGate Canada city breakdown - Toronto 143; Vancouver 64; Montreal 43; Calgary 41; Ottawa 31; Edmonton 28; Winnipeg 19; Saskatoon 15; Burnaby 13; Victoria 13

United Kingdom: visitors broken down by city

GamerGate UK cities

GamerGate UK city breakdown - London 209; Manchester 21; Bristol 18; Glasgow 16; Edinburgh 14; Birmingham 13; Leeds 13; Brighton 11; Liverpool 11; (not set) 10

Most popular OS

GamerGate OS breakdown - iOS 2919; Windows 2175; Android 1507; Macintosh 1034; Linux 144; Windows Phone 56; (not set) 41; Chrome OS 40; BlackBerry 29; FreeBSD 2

For the most part, the version breakdown across iOS wasn’t particularly interesting, but I did note that 70 visitors were running Windows Vista (upgrade!), and that Windows 8 is not as widely adopted as Microsoft wishes it were. Also, 24 visitors were on iOS 5.1.1, which probably means first-generation iPad, but might mean third-generation iPod Touch.

Most popular browser

GamerGate browser breakdown - Chrome 3087; Safari (in-app) 2498; Firefox 1132; Safari 727; Android Browser 213; Internet Explorer 137; Android 37; Opera 32; BlackBerry 27; Amazon Silk 21

I don’t have any of the Google Analytics demographics features active, so I don’t have any information about the age, gender, or other common interests of these visitors. If anyone else has demographic insight, I’d be interested to see it!

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  1. This is extremely interesting. I find it most interesting because I live in Australia and as you saw, it’s fourth on the list.

    As far as I’m aware, there has been a bang up ZERO percent news coverage dedicated to this controversy. I also know that Australian gamers (this is generalizing but bare with it), do NOT tend to use game review sites (e.g. Kotaku Australia and other similar sites).

    It’s interesting to see how different countries with different types of coverage and the ways the people of those countries get their information affect the sort of interest in specific topics.

    Then again Aussies have never really given a damn about much, it’s all about sun, surf and sand over here!

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