Five Gods Exiled — 3 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Book 1 - When Play Begins

When play begins:

Bring Out Your Dead introduction;

say "Preparing the world. Please wait....";

randomize Blight rooms and directions;

randomize shrine locations;

say "[bracket]Step 1 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

describe shrine entrances;

randomize shrine deities;

place orbs;

place terrain;

determine temperature and humidity;

determine the weather;

say "[bracket]Step 2 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

describe terrain;

place barriers;

describe barriers;

place significant scenery;

place decorative scenery;

name rooms in the Blight;

say "[bracket]Step 3 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

write Blight room descriptions;

name shrine rooms;

place shrine props;

describe shrine interiors;

say "[bracket]Step 4 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

build the PC;

build key NPCs;

set NPC affections;

say "[bracket]Step 5 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

arrange the murder;

prepare memories;

assign PC statistics;

prepare the shadow self;

say "[bracket]Step 6 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

determine Exile rooms and directions;

name rooms in the Exile;

prepare Exile backdrops;

write Exile room descriptions;

say "[bracket]Step 7 complete.[close bracket][line break]";

build monster templates;

say "[bracket]Step 8 complete.[close bracket][line break][paragraph break][paragraph break]";

past introduction;

press space to continue;

present introduction.

To Bring Out Your Dead introduction:

say "Hello! I'm Carolyn VanEseltine, and this is Five Gods Exiled, my incomplete IF procedural generation extravaganza.[paragraph break]I hauled FGE out and dusted it off for Emily Short's 'Bring Out Your Dead' semi-jam, located at There's an accompanying writeup at Sibyl Moon, my game dev blog, which you can find here:[paragraph break]Please note that PRAY (or INVOKE) is a key command in this game.[paragraph break]Five Gods Exiled will run in a browser, but there will be a significant delay during world generation, and your browser will probably ask about continuing the script. Just say yes! If you'd prefer to download, there are instructions in the design notes.[paragraph break]I suggest turning off debug messaging during your first playthrough (or your first few playthroughs). It won't suppress all the debug messaging (since there's a bunch of placeholder text) but it will reduce it dramatically. After that, try turning it on to see how the sausage gets made.[paragraph break]Turn off debug messaging? (y/n) >";

if player consents:

say "Debug is turned off.";

now debug state is false;


say "Debug remains on.[paragraph break]Some debug-specific commands:[paragraph break]-ENDGAME[line break]- MEMENTO[line break]- PHASE[line break]- REMEMBER[line break]- STATS (not targeting anything)[paragraph break]- STATS (targeting a monster)[paragraph break]";

now debug state is true;

say "[paragraph break]"