Five Gods Exiled — 114 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Part 2 - Phasing

The deity shadow color list is a list of adjectives that varies. The deity shadow color list is {brown, grey, black, dark blue, dark green, purple}.

To phase the player into the Exile:

say "The power of [current deity] flows through the statue to envelop you, and the world vanishes in a field of";

if the color of the current deity is listed in the deity shadow color list:

say " [one of]dense[or]overwhelming[or]stifling[or]suffocating[or]impenetrable[or]gold-edged[or]silver-edged[or]unmitigated[at random] [color of the current deity] shadows.[paragraph break]You step into the shadows....";


say " [one of]brilliant[or]glittering[or]sparkling[or]glaring[or]shimmering[or]glimmering[at random] [color of the current deity] light.[paragraph break]You step into the light....";

press space to continue;

set shopkeeper attitudes; [This changes the shopkeepers' appearances and attitudes a bit each time.]

let the temporary locale be the room outside from the location;

say "[first time]This is the exiled world. Being here requires a strong effort of will to maintain your connection to the power of [current deity]. If you lose your connection to [current deity], then you will be released back into the blighted world. [paragraph break][only]You reorient yourself.";

if a room (called the next room) corresponds with the temporary locale:

move the player to the next room;

[ say "(You will phase back in [Will] turns from now.)";]

the player phases back from the Exile in emovement of the player turns from now.