Five Gods Exiled — 115 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Part 3 - Health Restoral

To restore the player's health:

say "The power of the orb, channeled through the shrine, flows into you. ";

if the shadow self is not in the location and Exile access is true:

say "Your shadow materializes beside you. ";

now the shadow self is in the location;

if the chealth of the player < the rhealth of the player:

now the chealth of the player is the rhealth of the player;

now the current person is the shadow self;

say "Your shadow lets out a sigh, a faint, half-audible sound, and rolls [zher] shoulders slightly and flexes [zher] hands. You see that [zhe] has been fully rejuvenated.";


say "It feels good - healthy and strong - but you're not aware of anything changing."