Five Gods Exiled — 122 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Part 2 - Present Introduction

To present introduction:

say "[paragraph break][paragraph break]Once there was a world - but now it has been split in two. The first part is blighted and stricken for the lack of the second, and the second part is exiled into meaninglessness for the lack of the first.[paragraph break]Once you were a person - and now you are broken as well.[paragraph break]But the world can be restored. You get to your feet in the ruins. ";

if the current weather is snowing:

say "Through the snow, you see ";

otherwise if the current weather is raining:

say "Through the rain, you see ";


say "There is ";

say "a glowing orb lying on the [random terrain in the location], and you pick it up."