Five Gods Exiled — 139 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Chapter 6 - Greenhouse

To call a greenhouse event:

now the current event number is a random number between 1 and 10;

if the focal event is unique:

say " event type [current event type] and event number [current event number] for the [locale type of the location]. ";

say "[The current person] abruptly notices you, and [zher] gaze sharpens. 'You look like someone who could bleed,' [zhe] says conversationally, and [zhe] brandishes a pair of [greenhouse shears]. 'Would you mind? It's for my butterflies....'[paragraph break]Permit [zhim] to cut you? (y/n)> ";

if the player consents:

say "[The current person] smiles brightly at you. 'That's so nice!' [zhe] chirps. As you hold out your hand, [zhe] makes a neat cut in the back of your hand with the [greenhouse shears]. The butterflies are immediately attracted to the scent of blood, and your hand is abruptly enveloped in a swirling haze of brilliantly hued wings.[paragraph break]The [current person] presses something into your hand. 'Here... for your help.'";

generate a memento;


say "[The current person]'s mien changes abruptly. 'I asked NICELY!' [zhe] snarls, and [zhe] lunges at you with the [greenhouse shears].[paragraph break]Fortunately, [zher] aim is pretty awful. You recoil as [zhe] shifts [zher] balance.";


say "...called a duplicate focal event. Choosing a new focal event... ";

call a focal event.