Five Gods Exiled — 6 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Book 3 - All The Adjectives Ever

An adjective is a kind of value. The adjectives are abandoned, acceptably, aged, alabaster, alto, amber, amethyst, angular, appealing, appropriately, aquamarine, artistic, ash blond, ash brown, asymmetrical, athletic, attractive, attractively, auburn, auburn brown, average, average height, baked, bald, baleful, baritone, barren, bass, beautiful, birch, black, black-handled, blind, blindingly bright, blond, blotchy, blue, blue-black, blue-gray, blue-grey, blundering, boring, braided, brandy-hued, brawny, breathtaking, brick, brilliant, brittle, broad, broad-horned, broken-limbed, bronze, brown, brownish, bulbous, bulky, burly, bushy, caked, caramel brown, carved, celadon green, champagne-hued, chest-high, chestnut brown, chestnut red, chill, chin length, chocolate brown, chubby, cinnamon brown, cloud gray, coal black, coarse, cognac-hued, colorful, colossal, comely, comfortably, contralto, conventionally, copper, coppery red, cornflower blue, cracked, crazed, cream, cream-colored, crow black, crude, crumbling, crystal blue, crystal green, curly, curvaceous, damaged, damp, dangerous, dapper, dark-hued, dark amber, dark blond, dark blue, dark brown, dark chestnut, dark gold, dark golden, dark gray, dark grey, dark green, dark hazel, dark tan, dark violet, dead, decently, deep, deep red, deformed, delicate, dense, deserted, desolate, diamond, dirt-encrusted, dirty, dirty blond, dishwater blond, disquieting, dizzying, dripping, dry, dull, dusky, dying, ebony, eight-sided, electric blue, elegantly, emaciated, emerald, emerald green, enormous, enticingly, expensively, exquisite, eyeless, fair, fairly well, fat, fathomless, fine, five-sided, flattened, flawless, flaxen, flowing, fog gray, forest green, forgotten, fragrant, freakish, freckled, freezing, frigid, frizzy, frozen, garnet, gaunt, giant, ginger, glass, gleaming, glinting, glistening, gloomy, glossy, gnarled, golden, golden amber, golden blond, golden brown, gorgeous, graceful, granite, gray, gray-blue, greasy, great-tusked, green, green-blue, green-gray, greenish black, grey, grey-brown, grey-green, greyish white, gritty, half-crushed, half-transparent, handsome, haphazardly, hard, hazel, head-high, healthy, hearty, hefty, henna red, hideous, high, homely, honey blond, honey brown, huge, husky, hyacinth blue, ice blue, immaturely, immense, impassable, impenetrable, impressive, indigo blue, inexpensively, inexpertly, ink black, irregular, irregularly shaped, ivory, jagged, jet black, kinky, labyrinthine, lank, lanky, large, leaf green, leafless, lean, leaning, lichen-spotted, lichenous green, light amber, light blond, light blue, light brown, light chestnut, light gold, light golden, light gray, light grey, light green, light hazel, lightning-struck, light red, light silver, light yellow, limestone, limp, lissome, lithe, little, long, lopsided, lovely, low, lumbering, maddened, magenta, magnificently, mahogany, mahogany brown, malachite green, malevolent, maple, marble, maturely, melodic, melting, midnight black, mildewed, milky blue, milky white, mist gray, mocha, modestly, molding, monstrous, mouse brown, multihued, muscular, mutated, narrow, neglected, nondescript, nondescriptly, nonexistant, nut brown, oak, obese, oblong, obsidian, ochre yellow, old, olive, onyx black, oozing, opal, orange, ordinarily, ordinary, oval, overweight, painfully bright, pale, pale ash, pale blue, pale brown, pale gold, pale gray, pale grey, pale purple, pale violet, pale yellow, pallid, peach, pearl gray, peridot green, periwinkle blue, pine green, pink, plain, plainly, platinum blond, pleasantly enough, plump, pockmarked, polished, poorly, porcelain blue, portly, pot-bellied, presentably, pretty, prickly, profuse, prosaically, pure white, purple, rain-dampened, rain-soaked, rapidly melting, raven black, ravening, red, reflective, respectably, rosy, rotund, rough, round, ruby, ruddy, ruined, rushing, russet brown, russet red, rustling, rusty, saffron yellow, sallow, sandy blond, sapphire, scarlet, scrawny, sea green, sessile, seven-sided, shabbily, shadowy, shapely, sharp, shattered, shimmering, shining, shiny, short, shoulder-high, shoulder length, shrill, shriveled, sideways-listing, sienna, silver, silver gray, sinister, six-sided, skeletal, slate gray, slender, slick, slippery, sloppily, slowly melting, small, smoke gray, smooth, snow white, soft, soot black, soprano, sparkling, sparse, spike-topped, spindly, spiny, splendidly, spotted, square, stained, star-shaped, stately, statuesque, steel blue, steel gray, steep, stocky, stone, storm gray, stout, straight, strawberry blond, striated, strident, striped, stunning, stunningly, sturdy, stylishly, sublimely, superbly, svelte, sweet, tall, tan, tangled, tanned, tastefully, tastelessly, tawny brown, tenor, thick, thin, thin-limbed, thinning, thorny, throaty, tiny, topaz, topaz brown, translucent, translucently pale, treacherous, treble, trendily, twisted, ugly, unattractive, unexceptionally, unlovely, unpleasant, unsettling, unstylishly, vast, very long, very short, very tall, violet, vivid auburn, waist-high, waist length, walnut brown, water-smoothed, wavy, well enough, wet, white, white-spotted, wide, willowy, windblown, wiry, wobbly, wood, wooden, wrinkled, yellow, yellowed, yellowish, yellowish-white, young, pure, golden, yellow, sharp, clear, strong, flickering, weak, uneven, uncertain, faltering, frail, shivering, writhing, trembling, wavering, shaky, fine, gritty, smooth, crystalline, sparkling, translucent, bubbling, fizzy, translucent, glimmering, shimmering, murky, shadowy, polished, elegant, small, torn, ragged, smudged, dirty, grim, hard-eyed, sullen, fearful, stern, flint-eyed, implacable, fierce, glowering, steel, high, narrow, wide, swaying, treacherous, creaky, and latticed.

The color list is a list of adjectives that varies. The color list is {white, pink, red, orange, yellow, light green, green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, violet, magenta, purple, brown, grey, black}.