Ludum Dare 33: Success!

There’ll be a much more formal “hey look, a new game!” post tomorrow, but I would like to fall on my face, which interferes with my ability to write one now.

I beat the Ludum Dare challenge. In just 48 hours, I made a full game. All the code. All the art. All the writing. All the sound. (There isn’t any sound.)

Sure, it’s game jam quality – but you can learn how to play it, start it, win it, lose it, and hopefully have some fun with it.

Play Help! It’s A Hero! (online – Unity player needed)

…or download it for
Windows (windowed mode recommended – fullscreen is not working correctly)

Visit the Help! It’s A Hero! page at Ludum Dare

screenshot 5

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  1. Congrats! However, when I try to play the game, I just get a black screen with “Unity Web Player | Help, It’s A Hero!” at the top and “« created with Unity »” at the bottom. This is both in Firefox 40 and Chromium 44, using Ubuntu 15.04. Any tips?

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