Make Something 2017

Looking for a casual-but-worthwhile New Year’s challenge? Try this one on for size.

  • Make something cool.

There’s a built-in subchallenge:

  • Learn something new along the way.

Your cool thing doesn’t have to be big, or standalone, or polished, or shippable. It just has to be something that you look at afterward and say, “I made that thing, and I think it’s cool.” And you get the bonus if you can add “I learned something new in the process.”

Then repeat it. Make something cool every 4 months (this lines up nicely with Ludum Dare) or every 3 months (seasonal!) or every month (though I suggest not committing to more than 1 a month; if you have extra energy, maybe work on a larger cool project.)

What’s the point?

  • To create cool things.
  • To learn new things through creating.
  • To establish habits of applied creativity and productivity.
  • To empower yourself by understanding your power as a creator.

Happy 2017! Let’s make cool stuff.

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