Mosaic (GGJ 16)

The theme of Global Game Jam 2016 was “ritual”. I wanted to create a game where playing the game had the feeling of ritual in and of itself – something beautiful for its own sake.

Mosaic is a small, meditative, text-free game created for the 2016 Global Game Jam. It will run in a web browser if you have the Unity plugin (requirements: modern Windows or OSX with a not-Chrome browser.)


  • Click on the candles to light them.
  • Click on a gong to hear its note.

If you light the candles in the correct order, they will remain lit. If you [spoiler – highlight to read]light a candle that is lower in pitch than an already-lit candle[/spoiler], all the candles will blow out.

Candle positions will change, but the rules never do. Once you know how to light the candles, you will always be able to light the candles.

Play online here: Mosaic

play screenshot

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