ChoiceScript Tool: RandomTest_NoDisp

The most useful built-in testing tool for ChoiceScript is the randomtest system.

But randomtest is becoming unusable for me. My game is choice-dense, and each time I run randomtest, it shows me every choice made by the random generator. Which means the recommended 10,000 iterations produce a result over half a million lines long.

On my computer, Firefox, Notepad++, and Windows 7 all agree that copying and pasting half a million lines is an unreasonable request, and they’re all giving me side-eye about it.

If you have this same problem, I have a solution.

Download these two files:

Move them into your ChoiceScript directory, in the same place where randomtest.html and randomtest.js are located.

To launch the tool, open randomtest_nodisp.html from your ChoiceScript directory. It will give you the same menu as randomtest does, but when it actually runs, you’ll only get the seed numbers

*****Seed 0
*****Seed 1
*****Seed 2
*****Seed 3
*****Seed 4
*****Seed 5
(and so forth)

instead of all the choices made in each seed. And then the line coverage statistics will be easier to access.

Chopping off those first 10,000 lines is much easier than chopping off the first half million, and then you can go to town on whatever analysis you need.

My sincere thanks to Danielle Church for creating this tool and allowing me to distribute it via Sibyl Moon.

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