Five Gods Exiled — 151 of 191

Carolyn VanEseltine

Release 1

Book 3 - NPCs in the Exile

Part 1 - Recognition

Before examining an unknown NPC (called the target NPC):

now the current person is the target NPC;

say "You recognize [the target NPC]. This is your [gr of the current person], [given name of the target NPC] [surname of the target NPC] - [zher]";

let M be a random number between 1 and 4;

if M is 1:

say "[eye color of the target NPC] eyes";

otherwise if M is 2:

if the facial hair of the target NPC is not "":

say "[facial hair of the target NPC]";


say "[height of the target NPC], [build of the target NPC] frame";

otherwise if M is 3:

say "[skin tone of the target NPC] complexion";

otherwise if M is 4:

say "[hair reference]";

otherwise if M is 5:

say "[one of]contemplative[or]irritated[or]distracted[or]distant[or]sad[or][physical impression of the target NPC][at random] [one of]little laugh[or]smile[or]stride[or]way of biting [zher] lip in thought[at random]";

say " is too familiar to be denied.";

now the target NPC is known.