Inform 7 Resources

A list of resources for people writing interactive fiction with Inform 7. Let me know if you see something I should add!

Comprehensive documents

Inform 7 Manual and Recipe Book (available in the Inform 7 download)
Aaron Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 (Amazon link)
Jim Aikin’s Inform 7 Handbook
Source code examples for seven complete games

Quick-start guide

Welcome to Adventure: A Quick-Start Guide to Inform 7

Getting help with your game – support and discussion forums for IF enthusiasts
IFMud – “A MUD Forever Voyaging” – real-time communication with other IF authors and players

Specialized Inform 7 resources

The Inform 7 Standard Rules
Ron Newcomb’s Inform 7 for Programmers
Oliver Reiser’s Inform 7 Cheat Sheet
Emily Short’s Rules Flowchart

Finding games to play and learning more about interactive fiction

IFWiki – the Interactive Fiction Wiki
IFDB – the Interactive Fiction Database, a game catalogue and recommendation engine
Planet IF – a feed aggregate of interactive fiction bloggers
Club Floyd – transcripts of IFMud parser game playthroughs
PR-IF postcard – a strategy guide for beginning IF players

Annual events

IFComp – the Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, showcasing IF games since 1995
SpringThing – traditionally the spring alternative to IFComp; a festival showcasing text-based computer games
IntroComp – a competition in which authors submit beginnings of unreleased IF games


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