“One Eye Open” (with Caelyn Sandel)

“Had you known the bloody history of Corona Labs, you would never have signed up as a test subject. But now, plunged into that history, surrounded by the damned and the dying, you must find the truth. Perhaps you will even survive it.”

One Eye Open received 3rd place in the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition, plus 3rd place in the author-judged Miss Congeniality awards for that year. It was also a 2010 XYZZY Award finalist for Best Game, Best Story, Best Setting, Best Puzzles, and Best Individual Puzzle.

This is a horror game that contains textual descriptions of graphic violence, as well as adult language and other themes which may not be suitable for younger players.

CoverRelease date: October 1, 2010
Format: Inform 7 (Glulx)

Cover art by Caelyn Sandel

Due to its size, One Eye Open runs too slowly for in-browser play.

Download to play offline (requires an interpreter such as Gargoyle)

“Featuring multiple endings and an uncanny ability to generate suspense, One Eye Open is a brilliant reminder that your imagination can work better than any amount of audio-visual cues.”IndieGames.com

“One Eye Open… is a game that truly sets a new standard for the horror genre in the interactive fiction community.”Rob Adair

“[T]his is the best execution of a horror setting that I’ve seen this year!”Bradley C. Buchanan


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