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Dear everyone,

This is the 100th published post on Sibyl Moon.

blue white loveWhen I created Sibyl Moon in August, I did so with great trepidation. Would people visit? Would they be interested in what I had to say? Would they find my site useful and entertaining? Or would it languish in a dark corner of the Internet, unnoticed?

I have my answer now. The audience for Sibyl Moon is far larger than I ever expected. Knowing that so many people are reading my articles, using my tutorials, and playing my games – it gives me a wonderful feeling of community.

I opened a Patreon today for support of my work here. If you’ve found this site useful, interesting, or entertaining, and you’re in a financial position where you could contribute, please consider becoming my patron. I would be extremely grateful for any support (as would Megabit the dog, since it would help keep him in kibble.)

And if not, that’s okay too! Thank you for stopping by, and for reading my thoughts, and for letting me know your thoughts, and for sharing this site with other people. It means more to me than I can possibly say.



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