Any questions for Apex Magazine?

First off: if you’re waiting on my notes from Boston FIG Talks – fear not, they’re coming! I have notes from five amazing talks (four game design, one programming). I learned a lot and I’m excited to share it with you.

But for today, I have a different question. As you may know, I’m a slush reader for Apex Magazine, which is a Nebula-nominated, SFWA-accredited speculative fiction magazine. Apex publishes horror, science fiction, and fantasy stories, the kind that make you wince, feel, and think all at the same time.

Apex needs to raise $7500 in the spring because they shut their fall subscription drive down early. They’re starting up again in the spring, and they’re promoting the drive with mini-interviews all over the place. Interactive fiction and static fiction have some significant crossover, so I’d like to host one of those interviews here.

My question to you: What should I ask the Apex editors?

Leave suggestions in the comments, or send them via email or Twitter. I’ll pick my favorite five and send them to Jason and Lesley, and the results will be in Sibyl Moon sometime after March 27.

(If you have a blog, they’re willing to do an interview for you too. Check it out!)

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