Notes from Boston FIG Talks

Last weekend, I spoke at Boston FIG Talks, a game dev conference run by the Boston Festival of Indie Games, aka BFIG. (BFIG is both an event and the name of the organization that runs that event.) This was my first time attending Boston Fig Talks, and it was fantastic! I’ll definitely be back in the future.bfig-logo

My talk was “Worldbuilding and the Real World”, a talk about culture and worldbuilding, cowritten and copresented with voice artist/sociologist Khadeja Merenkov. This talk was her idea; I was honored to be invited along, and I learned a lot from her along the way. If you see Khadeja speaking at a game dev event near you, sign up, because it will be worth it.

As usual, I have notes!

Once the posts are up, I’ll link the individual posts back to this page.

Typing up notes may take a little longer than usual because this weekend is Intercon Q, featuring the debut of my dark sci-fi LARP Librarian and Catalog. Cross your fingers for me! (My co-GMs say I won’t need extra luck, but it never hurts.)



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