Upcoming game: “Does Canned Rice Dream of a Napkin Heap?”

Super exciting news time!

I’m working on a game for Zoe Quinn‘s #antholojam. The name is “Does Canned Rice Dream of a Napkin Heap?”

Here’s an in-progress screenshot to whet your interest!

Art round 2

What is #antholojam?

#antholojam will be a pay-what-you-want bundle of short games, all themed around The Golden Age of Sci-Fi.  Over a hundred teams submitted pitches to Zoe, and she selected a group of fifteen pitches that promised to be interesting, unusual, and fun! We’re building our games in the window between November 15 and December 15. The games will be released shortly after completion.

Tell me more about your game!

It’s a digital storytelling game set in a spaceport bar on the dwarf planet Quaoar.

Who all is on your team?

Caelyn Sandel – art, design lead, and writing (check out her other games here!)
Carolyn VanEseltine – code and additional design
Jamie Sandel – music and sound (super talented – check out some of his work here!)
Danielle Church – back-end support and UI consultation

I don’t see any rice in your screenshot. Or any napkins.

I have it on good authority from Caelyn that the yellow can contains canned rice ‘n meat. Napkins are yet to come.

I want to know more!

When the official site comes up, I’ll link to it immediately!

For now, Twitter is the best way to get updates about all of the #antholojam games. For info about the entire group, check the #antholojam hashtag. For info about Canned Rice specifically, check #CannedRice!

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