Two short IF pieces released – “Homecoming” and “Wildflowers”

Today is the preview launch of!

To celebrate, the site launch includes the release of two brand new IF pieces.

Homecoming cover“Homecoming”

You are the backup AI for the colony ship Vocation (what a terrible, boring name!). You now exist and a subroutine indicates that you ought to go home.

Learn more about “Homecoming”
Play in browser


wildflowers cover art“Wildflowers”

A personal contemplation about trying to support a friend in a difficult situation. More of a game poem than a game story. Trigger warning for abuse.

Learn more about “Wildflowers”
Play in browser

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  1. I tried Homecoming and found it quite fun. It would be interesting to do a cryptic version (e.g. variable 5 is now 467 vs the number of frozen colonists is now…) where the player can only slowly realise the consequences of tempting exploration.
    There was a typo “it does your mechanical heart _ to know”, and a few blemishes (e-mail for transcript). It would have saved some head scratching if the movement options were announced.

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