Sibyl Moon recap: July 2015

Hi everyone!

Did you notice that Sibyl Moon is now supported via Patreon?

Here’s the list of releases from July:

Blog posts
Excuse Me, You Call This Clear Source Code?
Contra Dance, Modern Squares, and Game Design
We Can Do Better Than This (content warning: violence, transphobia, mental illness, sexual assault)
What? My perspective is evolving!
How To Become a Game Dev
Pinball and Game Balance

Tools and techniques
ChoiceScript Tool: RandomTest_NoDisp
Table-Driven NPC Actions in Inform 7 (with a followup after a timely recommendation from Andrew Plotkin)

…and in the meantime, work continues on 18 Rooms to Home (and I posted a quick update on that front).

19 people are supporting Sibyl Moon right now, and I could not be more grateful.

If any of this content has been [one of]useful[or]inspiring[or]entertaining[or]enjoyable[or]interesting[or]exciting[or]helpful[at random], would you please consider becoming a patron?

Even $1.00 a month would make a difference.

Thanks for reading this!

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